Sabine Kühlich  &  CRISP!


1st Prize for Sabine Kühlich!

two CD releases in 2016:



---TWO GENERATIONS OF SINGERS--- ---Sheila Jordan & Sabine Kühlich---

Welcome here! It's 2017 and looking back at the last 15 years - 7 recordings happened, we played around 1500 gigs and around 50 vocal students were graduating with me as main subject teacher for their Bachelors or Masters degree in the Conservatory Maastricht in THE NETHERLANDS. The first tour with Sheila (when she was 77) and CRISP was a great event - just wonderful. The second tour was already almost three weeks - wow! Making musik makes me happy, playing my own music is a wonderful thing. Sharing all that with the musicians of the band is my goal. And the reactions of the public are very important to me too. So please stay in contact

CRISP and the new CD "Fly Away" What do people think about it?

Your compositions? Wonderful music! Wonderful lyrics! Everything well-done.
Sheila Jordan, Singer, NY

The CD sounds just beautiful.
Joel Frahm, Saxophonist, NY,

Your CD displays a keen understanding of the Jazz tradition with a contemporary flair towards the future. Wonderful material. Outstanding musicians and musically astute. Congratulations and "thank you for being who you are!!"
Justin DiCioccio, Drummer, Head of the jazz-department Manhattan School of Music NYC,

Eintrag in mein Guestbook am 19.1.2006: David Liebman. great recording Sabine - the band also and especially the tenor player. Good work and I of course like the songs that you told me about. Good luck
Dave Liebman, saxophonist, teacher, perfomer

Du hast wirklich eigenes Profil, korrespondiert gut mit der Band. Sehr hip sind Deine Melodien und Improvisationen. Einige der deutschen Textstellen finde ich besonders gelungen.
Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Vibraphonist, Deutschland,

Und ich habe mich besonders gefreut auch die Sheila Jordan auf Deiner neuen Scheibe wiederzufinden, Ich habe mich besonders gefreut ueber Deine selbstbewusste Art Texte und Musik in die eigenen Haende zu nehmen. Ihr spielt sehr gut zusammen, ich höre die Einfluesse Deiner New York Aufenthalte und dass ihr sicher einen Heidenspass bei der Aufnahme hattet. Das ist der Weg.
Gunter Hampel, Vibraphonist, NY,

...listened to your CD, and I thought it was teriffic! You and Shelia sound great together, you sound great by yourself, and the musicians are happening. ...but you still surprised me.
Giacomo Gates, Singer, NY, www.giacomogates

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