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Liebe Besucher, wenn ich mich täglich ins Internet klicke, erscheint zuerst mein Gästebuch. Ich freu mich also auf Response, Kommentar, Lob, Tadel, Freude, Jazz... Sabine


Medical discoveries without which we wouldn’t have survived!

Human species is as old as 50,000 years, while medicine is only 200 years old. Human beings have had lived for years without the medical science, but, in this era, we can simply not do without it. Thanks to medicine, a few diseases that were considered to be very serious in the earlier centuries, found their successful treatments in the 21st century. If you any query please call @8220566911.

Posted: 2018/08/18 at 13:55


Amazing fact: Hitler contributed to India’s Independence struggle

Hitler had brought about Britain’s condition in such a bad shape that it wasn’t able to maintain its military forces. Thus, Britain couldn’t stand against the rising freedom movements in its colonies. The collapsed economy of Britain forced it not to just leave India but many of its colonies, such as Palestine, Jordan, Myanmar, Egypt, etc. Without Hitler, there would have been no World War II, and it would have taken almost 30 years more for India to achieve its Independence. Undoubtedly, Hitler indirectly contributed to hasten India’s Independence. If you any query please call @8220566911.

Posted: 2018/08/18 at 13:54


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Posted: 2018/08/18 at 13:35

Simran Sethi

Thanks for sharing such a lovely information
Posted: 2018/08/18 at 12:43

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